About Joost van Bleiswijk

Joost van Bleiswijk is a prolific Eindhoven-based designer who works with brands like MOOOI, Bernhardt Design, ICE Carpets, Secondome and Ahrend. He attaches great value to his freedom as designer, whether that is the freedom to design without a specific audience in mind, or take his time with materials and processes.


With the aim of timelessness and armed with the motto "Design is no democracy", Joost focuses on making things with great care, lasting materials, and heritage process in a personal, recognizable and distinctive way. Joost's designs hark back to a long tradition of design archetypes, with iconic designs such as grandfather clocks, high-backed chairs, goblets, chess sets, and cupboards playing an important role. The way Joost's objects are made are central to his overall aesthetic. Whether he builds pieces with the now famous 'no screw no glue' method, sketches a carpet with a pencil, or creates punk style objects with a blowtorch, the way things are made are always strongly visible.


"You mustn't take usefulness as your point of departure," says Joost. "You should start from a fascination for shape, exploring how the object has looked throughout history. From this research, a new design can be created using a new interpretation of the object."


Bringing these designs into a contemporary setting has marked Joost's work throughout his career. From his early 'no glue no screw' collection, to the latest MECCHANIC series, Joost uses strong shapes and lines to create new designs. Along with his own collections he works for companies and institutions such as The Rijksmuseum, Design Academy Eindhoven, Venice Projects, Zuiderzee Museum, Noord Brabants Museum, and private collectors. His work is sold and exhibited worldwide through international galleries as well as international museums including in Basel, London, Paris, Milan, Venice, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Holon.