Collage | Coffeetable

mixed media, white | 136 x 38 x 140 cm | 2012

The collage series are inspired by intuitive scribbles Joost made during sleepless nights. These collages are unique pieces arranged with mixed materials like wood and metal, lacquered in one colour and hand decorated by Joost.

Insomnia is a load that many creative minds have to bear, and Joost is one of them.
During his many sleepless nights, Joost found himself scribbling small drawings many hours. These intuitive scribbles formed his bases of inspiration for the Collage collection. In this very personal and intuitive collection, Joost creates pieces from various materials, like ready-mades, machine parts, and hand crafted pieces, which he puts together as collages. He combines these elements into pieces of furniture such as coffeetable, reading lamp and a cabinet.These collages are lacquered in one color and hand decorated by Joost, during his long, long nights.
Each piece becomes a personal document of time, and tells the story of 'how a creative mind turned the tables on his burden.