No Screw No Glue Rough | Table

blowtorch cut 10 mm steel | 80 x 48 x 46 cm | 2011

After a large number of precision designed no screw no glue items, Joost has created a serie of roughly made, expressive furniture, made without CAD of laser cut techniques. 
In 2010 Joost felt the desire to design and create in a spontaneous way, without the time consuming CAD drawings, Joost wanted to create on the spot, with a direct and honest approach.  
The recognizable No Screw No Glue range, where laser cut pieces of metal are held together by little slots and gravity, are transformed into rough lines, expressively made with a blowtorch in a 1 cm thick steel plate.
The complexity, and richness of details in the previous no screw no glue items, are now found in the man-made cutting lines. They show the process of the making, with marks of slower and faster burning of the material, the slack and the imperfection of the human movement of the burning tools.
All items are made in Joost's workshop by assistants that have a close connection to Joost. Constantly, they have discussions about the result, the next step, and the idea of the final object. More than once, the entire object changed during the process. The improvisation, and spontaneous way of working, gave a completely new layer to the collection of van Bleiswijk, and gave birth to a new and expressive way of working that will be continued. 

The rough furtiture collection is inspired on the no screw no glue method with a bigger gesture. The sheets of 10mm metal are cut out by hand and has roughly finished edges for a great rough look.