Fragile Factory | Pallet

glass | 120 x 80 x 64 cm | 2011

"In these days, crafts, workshops and factories, are rapidly disappearing. The crafts are taken over by CNC computer controlled machines and cheap labor, workshops like carpentry and smith are too expensive in these days, and factories are growing bigger and becoming more automatically run. I like the making process so much; the craftsmanship, materials, factory, the smell of oiled machines and the archetypical factory furniture and items."
Joost designed the "fragile factory" collection in glass in order to show the fragility of factories were still everything is handcrafted. It's a story of an imaginary abandoned factory. A factory where real products where made with real materials. It was closed down for reasons of modern times. In the abandoned workshop spaces some items were left.
These installations are made in glass as an ode to craftsmanship. As glass is one of the most difficult materials to work with, and impossible to shape without a very long and good training, passion and talent, glass is the ultimate material for this project.

Photography by Berengo Studio
Collection Venice projects